"Growing long-term shareholder value"

Investors are critical to the success of Greenfern Industries. We acknowledge the special trust they place in us with unrelenting commitment to the expansion of our proudly owned New Zealand company.


Greenfern has partnered with Snowball Effect to assist with the management of its shareholders by providing Share Registry services.

How can I view my shareholding?
As a shareholder, you can now access your official record of shareholding on the Orchestra website which is run by Snowball Effect: If you have already created a Snowball Effect account just login, however, if you do not have an account yet, you will need to register an account. Once logged in you will see your shareholding with Greenfern.

How can I update my shareholder contact details?
You are able to update your details electronically, rather than contacting Greenfern directly. If you wish to update your contact details or residential address details, you can do so via the Investor Dashboard on the Snowball Effect run website:

How can I transfer shares?
If you would like to transfer your shares please contact: