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Cannabis Therapeutics

Greenfern Industries is a therapeutics company based in Taranaki, New Zealand - sitting alongside, and powered by, a small hydro power station with views to the stunning Mount Taranaki.

We produce therapeutic and wellness products that improve the lives of people suffering, those people that also seek an alternative and more holistic approach to health.

We operate on a non-negotiable pillar of environmental sustainability and are a certified carbon zero organisation under the ISO 14064 standard.

Our state-of-the-art facility is being built in the middle of dairy, oil and gas country - allowing us to showcase a clean and environmentally-friendly, alternative-industry option for both the Taranaki region and New Zealand.

Patients before profit

Environmental Sustainability


Medicinal Cannabis

We cultivate premium and consistent quality cannabis and through research and development we are creating a pharmaceutical grade product range.

Hydro Power

Located on-site at a hydro power station that we own. Our Taranaki operation is powered by clean green low-cost renewable hydro power with all excess power sold back to the grid.


Our motivation is drawn from Theo’s story, a story of the difference that Cannabis extracts can make to the lives of those suffering from epilepsy and their families.


Trichomes explained

Trichomes explained

Today we’re talking about trichomes - those tiny little crystal-looking structures that cover the leaves and buds of cannabis. 

The word trichomes comes from the Greek word trichōma, meaning hair. Trichomes are fine outgrowths on plants, algae and lichens. On cannabis they tend to be shiny, sticky, carry intense aromas and kind of look like a blanket of frost at first glance.

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History of the Normanby Hydropower Station

History of the Normanby Hydropower Station

A particular day stands out in Peter Meredith’s memories of when his dad worked at the Normanby Hydropower Station on the Waingongoro River.
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Greenfern begins distributing GMP medications in Australia, promising early uptake from prescribers

Greenfern begins distributing GMP medications in Australia, promising early uptake from prescribers

Greenfern Industries has begun to make significant inroads into the Australian medicinal cannabis market, signing a distribution agreement with Cannvalate Pty Ltd.
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Small community roots. Big important vision.

We’re on a mission to show people that cannabis is something that can improve the well-being of individuals and communities.

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